Exclusive: The Voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, Talks 'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies'

Exclusive: The Voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, Talks ‘Superman/Batman: Public Enemies’

Kevin ConroyThough many have thrown on the cowl and rubber boots on both the silver and TV screens, there has always been a constant when it comes to the voice of the animated Dark Knight, and his name is Kevin Conroy. For nearly 20 years, Conroy has been the voice of the bat in shows like Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and Batman Beyond to video games like Batman: Arkham Asylum. Now, he gets to don the animated cape once more in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.

Not only does Conroy return as Batman, but legendary voice actors Clancy Brown and Tim Daly return as both Lex Luthor and Superman. We got a chance to talk to Kevin about his return to the role, and working opposite Daly in what he likes to call “a buddie cop movie” with capes.

Check out the interview with Kevin Conroy after the jump where he discusses the upcoming film, working as Batman for so many years, and his take on some of the other actors portraying the world’s greatest detective. Be sure to keep it here for another Superman/Batman: Public Enemies interview tomorrow, and grab the DVD next Tuesday, September 29th.