Wentworth Miller Getting (Resident) Evil?

Wentworth MillerAs the next installment of the Resident Evil series picks up steam some casting news has been revealed in a somewhat unofficial way. According to actor Boris Kodjoe, Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller will be appearing in Resident Evil: Afterlife. While nothing official has come out regarding his character there is speculation that he may play Leon Kennedy, a police officer from the video game itself who has yet to appear in any of the films.

Kodjoe also gave an idea of how his character will meet up with Milla Jovovich’s Alice in the new film, “She comes across an LA jail surrounded by [zombies]… and there’s a couple of survivors and she lands on top of the roof and partners up with me to fight the guys that are coming after them. We’re trying to get all of the survivors out of the jail to safety.”

While nothing was said about Miller being part of that jail scene it seems the actor just can’t get away from plots that involve prisons. Kodjoe, also stated that Heroes’ Ali Larter will return to reprise her role as Claire Redfield from Resident Evil: Extinction. No release date has been set for Resident Evil: Afterlife but we’ll keep you posted.
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