Diablo Cody Goes Back to 'Sweet Valley High'

Diablo Cody Goes Back to ‘Sweet Valley High’

wallpapers1280x1024_05I remember when the first Sweet Valley High book came out in 1993. Captivated by the blonde Wakefield twins on the cover, I eagerly snatched a copy up.  The aptly titled “Double Love”  laid the foundation for the series to come. Despite being outwardly identical, the Wakefield sisters  were polar opposites when it came to  temperament and personality.

Long suffering Elizabeth was kind and demure, while sister Jessica was haughty, bitchy , and manipulative. Their adventures with boys, friends and school were chronicled in the books. To date, the series boasts over 150 books (ghostwriters helped creator Francine Pascal),  and  was the basis of  a television series that began in 1994 and lasted 4 seasons.

Last week Variety reported that Diablo Cody had been tapped to adapt the beloved series for the big screen. Sweet Valley High fans the world over secretly smiled, because Cody might the be the ideal scribe for the job. After a stumble with Jennifer’s Body, this could be the perfect vehicle to put Cody back on the map. Cody has indicated that she has no intention of moving the series out of the 80’s, as  many fans feared. Ripe with opportunities for campy fun, Sweet Valley High is well suited for the writer’s quirky style.