'Pushing Daisies' Helmer Moving on to Greener Pastures

‘Pushing Daisies’ Helmer Moving on to Greener Pastures

Like many of you, I was one of the loyal fans who was sad to see Pushing Daisies end last year; however producer and director Barry Sonnenfeld will soon be returning to the very network that canceled his show with a brand new comedy. Variety is reporting the award-winning helmer will soon be working on a half-hour show for ABC that centers around a harried mother who finds a special suit that gives her super powers.

Hmmm…Greatest American Hero anyone? I’m sure it’s no small coincidence that that popular dramedy also aired on ABC (1981-83). The currently untitled multicamera show will be written by George Lopez scribe Laura House.

While the details of the new comedy still need to see the light of day, one can only hope that it is as quirky and original as Sonnenfeld’s previous work for ABC.  As always, stay tuned to The Flickcast for future developments.