'Sesame Street' Takes On 'Mad Men'

‘Sesame Street’ Takes On ‘Mad Men’

Picture 1Not many know this, but PBS’s Sesame Street has aired 4,186 episodes since it’s debut in 1969, making it one of the longest running shows since the news, and THE longest running show with Muppets. In that time, there have been some pretty impressive cameos and references from Will Arnett to President Obama.

In the past few years, the educational series has been aiming it’s programming not only at their desired child demographic, but their parents as well. With last year’s Elmo’s Christmas Countdown special, Ben Stiller hosted, with special appearances by Paulie from The Sopranos and more.

It looks like even the non-specials are getting the same cross-age treatment, as a recent episode had a parody of the hit AMC series Mad Men. The skit was obviously written for the literal jokes, (“We are MAD men!”), but there are a few funny moments, including how they worked the word “sycophants” into the script. Check it out after the jump.