'Thor' Casting Call Hints At Plot Details

‘Thor’ Casting Call Hints At Plot Details

ThorSince the announcement that Marvel would be making a Thor movie, people have wondered where the film would take place: Thor’s home dimension of Asgard or Earth. Early speculation gave the impression the film would be immersed completely in fantasy and as such take place in Asgard primarily. However, a recent casting call may indicate otherwise:

Thor – Official Casting Call


(20) Is a college student. Aloof, jaded beyond her years, she thought her internship with scientist Kate Spelling would be an easy 6 college credits. However, she’s been stuck for months in this small New Mexico town and relegated to a wide range of unglamorous activities.

Kate has been particularly hard on Marcy, making it her personal project to see that Marcy lives up to her potential. Marcy deals with her situation both by using subtle irony and by being an overt wiseass.

Considering Marvel’s plan to incorporate Thor into the upcoming Avengers movie, we expected the character to show up on Earth at some point. Marvel wasn’t going to send Iron Man to Asgard after all…but now that I think of it that would be great!

Anyway, the consensus was that somehow Thor would end up in our world at the end of his film, taking on the persona of Dr. Donald Blake. At first it seemed to be a scene or two tacked on at the end of the movie, acting as a bridge to get Thor into The Avengers film. This casting information could change all that.

If the plan is to actually cast a “student” with as much description as they provide the thought of an epilogue moment with Blake on Earth seems less likely. This Marcy Lewis character may be the first indication that Earth will be figure much more prominently then previously thought.

Furthermore, as Marvel continues to include cameos by characters from other films it will be interesting to see who Thor runs into while he’s here (bets on Nick Fury and/or Tony Stark).

In other casting news Thor is looking for “Warriors”:


“A fearless warrior race, where size, strength and ferocity define a member’s rank in both the social and military hierarchy. Warriors born in this society face the harshest ecological conditions imaginable and thrive in environments where lesser creatures, including humans, quickly perishes.

Theirs is a world created to cull weakness from the universe to ensure their supreme sovereignty spreads across the stars. MUST BE 6′2 OR TALLER, NO BODYBUILDER TYPES. SAG ROLE BUT NO LINES. MUST BE COMFORTABLE WEARING PROSTHETICS.”

No real surprises with this information. Seeing as how Asgard is populated by hardened warriors we kind of expected these type of actors to fill the ranks. One interesting note though is “warriors born in this society face the harshest ecological conditions imaginable…”. Sounds like Asgard is going to require some serious computer graphics that may rival Mordor itself. Awesome!

Thor arrives in theaters May 20, 2011. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, it stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster.