'Legend of Neil' Gets a Season 2 Finale

‘Legend of Neil’ Gets a Season 2 Finale

2801377230_83d7aa164eThose of you who have been following the ongoing webseries The Legend of Neil may or may not know that season two has just come to an end, and what a finale! This season has had multiple orcs, the Dark Nut, and yes, more Felicia Day!

If you aren’t up to par on the show, it’s basically an crass spoof on the classic Legend of Zelda video game, in which the main character, Neil, gets drunk and asphyxiates himself while playing the game, thus transporting him inside the universe. He is overcome by orcs, skeletons, and dragons, but makes it through each level with a crass, who-cares attitude.

The show is created and directed by the castmember of another popular webseries, The Guild, Sandeep Parikh. Sandeep plays Zaboo on The Guild and occasionally pops up to voice a few parts on Neil. Check out the season 2 finale after the jump, or catch up on the first two seasons at the show’s official site. Enjoy!