Marvel Debuts 'Astonishing X-Men' Music Video

Marvel Debuts ‘Astonishing X-Men’ Music Video

astonishing-x-men-rise-up-videoLike many things in life these days, a music video about a rather famous group of mutants and the comic chronicling their adventures is probably something that’s inevitable. So, its with almost no surprise at all, really, that we bring you this brand new music video about the Astonishing X-Men.

To be honest, the video is actually kinda cool but I’m not sure if that means it really is or if it just means I’ve given up. I like to think its the former. Anyway, as with videos of this sort provided by our friends at Marvel, we’ve got to include the following bit to explain the video and satisfy the legal department. So, here you go and enjoy the video after the jump.

Marvel is proud to unveil the official Astonishing X-Men music video, “Rise Up”, David Ari Leon, Guy Erez, Bronx Style Bob, Christian Altman and the Marvel Music Group. Featuring previously unseen footage from the hotly anticipated Astonishing X-Men motion comic, based on the acclaimed story by superstars Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and John Cassaday (Captain America), “Rise Up” will have you cheering for more!

Marvel is also proud to present MarvelFest NYC 2009, an all-new interactive outdoor experience in New York City to celebrate the iTunes release of the groundbreaking Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic on October 28th. Join celebrities and the biggest names in Marvel history to commemorate the Astonishing X-Men premiere, projected three stories high in Union Square at MarvelFest!

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