Nintendo Announces DSi XL

Nintendo Announces DSi XL

161980c8bgtThe Nintendo DSi was only just released back in April, but Nintendo has just announced a new version of the handheld console, the Nintendo DSi XL, or DSi LL as it will be known in Japan.

The major change to the DSi XL is the dual screens, which will be over 4 inches across, 93% larger than the current model. The system will come with two styluses, one longer and the standard one we all know and use now. It will also include pre-installed DSiWare software.

I owned a DS and traded it in for a DSi, which I absolutely love. But it’s frustrating that there’s already another version coming out less than a year later with a bigger screen. So for gamers who recently upgraded to the DSi, this new DSi XL probably won’t be too appealing.

But if you’re still rocking a DS Lite or even the fat original DS, this might be the time to upgrade, especially for any titles that might be DSi exclusive in the future.

Japan gets their hands on the DSi XL on November 21st, and will be priced at ¥20,000 (US$220). Nintendo hasn’t priced the unit for Europe or America just yet, but we know it’ll be out first quarter of 2010.