'The Fourth Kind' Abduction Featurette and Genre Picks

‘The Fourth Kind’ Abduction Featurette and Genre Picks


If you have been eagerly anticipating Friday’s release of The Fourth Kind, here is a creepy little featurette from Universal and Yahoo Movies to prime you for the movie — which you can watch after the jump. It’s no spoiler to note that the plot of the movie has to do with missing people in Alaska, and possible alien abduction. This featurette provides a back-story, so to speak, about the four different kinds of alien encounters.

Still can’t sate your appetite for alien abduction? If so, take a look at these other genre titles while you are biding your time. And, look for our review of The Fourth Kind on Friday.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) – Arguably the best known in the genre. This movie terrified me when I saw it as a child. Steven Speilberg’s follow up to Jaws racked up several oscar nominations and won for best cinematography.

John William’s chilling musical score remains iconic to this day. Teri Garr and Richard Dreyfuss enjoyed career boosts from their roles, and Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Millennium) even makes an appearance.

Fire in the Sky (1993) – Laugh if you will, but this film that starred D.B. Sweeney was based on a true story, and it has a serious faction of fans. Over the years I’ve heard several people who are alien junkies insist this is one of the most horrifying depictions of abduction. Based on a logger’s disappearance in the woods in 1975, and his unexplained reappearance, this film has a cult-like following.

Communion (1989) – Based on the terrifying book by Whitley Strieber. In my humble opinion, the book was much better, but Christopher Walken is always a plus. Not the best movie in the group, but no alien abduction list is complete without it.

The X-Files (TV series) – The entire series featured themes of alien abduction. The X-Files movie Fight the Future (1998) was a bit muddled, but prominently featured aliens in its plot.

The Forgotten (2004) – Julianne Moore starred in this lukewarm thriller about a mother who is told her son never existed.

The Flight of the Navigator (1986) – A more whimsical take on the subject, this movie features a 12 year old who awakens in the forest and finds out 8 years have passed. Look for Sarah Jessica Parker in one of her first roles. This one is family-friendly.

*I stuck to actual abduction, but there are lots of good movies out there about aliens and UFOs as well. Don’t forget that the alien themed television series V begins Tuesday, November 3 on ABC.  You can watch the first eight minutes below.

The Fourth Kind Abduction Featurette

First eight minutes of ABC’s V