Dave's Weekly Comic Book Recommendations

Dave’s Weekly Comic Book Recommendations

DEATHLOK1This week we have at least one high quality comic from every publisher. From Image this week, I’m sad to see Rick Remender’s The End League go, but like all good things they must come to end. This time with brilliant art by some guy named Eric Canete and NYC Mech‘s Andy MacDonald.

From DC Comics, I’m intrigued with the Great Ten spinoff series from Checkmate, with their spotlight in Final Crisis. This could make for an intriguing read.

From Marvel, we have the last issue of Captain America Rebirth in which we get an idea how Steve Rogers rejoins the universe. There is also the excellent new issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, which is about the most fun in a comic you can get. Also, check out the latest Deadpool book, this one is penned by Fred Van Lente, who I really liked the silent story he did in that Deadpool #900 issue. This one is Deadpool Team-Up with a descending order number starting out at #899. I’d really like to know what the reasoning behind that is, but whatever.

Additionally, there is the Spider-Man Short Halloween book featuring stories by Saturday Night Live stars, Seth Meyers and Bill Hader.  I’m sure this will be nothing if not a ton of fun, so check that out as well.

Finally, one of my favorite noir writers Charlie Huston returns to comics with his new miniseries featuring Deathlok! I’m not particularly fond of the character, but then again I wasn’t fond of Moon Knight either until Huston relaunched it in awesome fashion.

As always, we here at The Flickcast care about what you read, so leave us a comment and let us know what you liked/didn’t like from this week’s comics. For a more complete list of what comes out this week, check out the one at Midtown Comics.