Black Panther Video and New 'Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2' Alternate Costumes

Black Panther Video and New ‘Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2’ Alternate Costumes

black-panther-mua-1Now that we are aware that Carnage, Cable, and Psylocke are all apart of the downloadable character pack for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and we know the cost and release date, here’s a brand new character to add to that list. Welcome Black Panther, King of the Wakanda Jungle, to the game as a playable character.

Panther is 4 of the 5 alleged add-ons proposed for the game (not including Juggernaut), and will be an interesting addition to the game’s dynamic, especially fighting alongside his in-comic wife, Storm. Magneto is rumored to be the final member to be added to the game, but we’re still waiting for confirmation on that.

Along with the launch video for Black Panther, you can also check out the first images of the alternate costumes for Psylocke, Carnage, and Cable. They are all pretty straightforward, with Cable’s “modern-day” look being the coolest.

Check out all of the images and the launch video after the jump.