Magneto Announced as Final Character Added to 'Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2'

Magneto Announced as Final Character Added to ‘Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2’

PR04With the first full downloadable character pack for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 hitting the Xbox Live Arcade later today, the final character has also been announced, which will round out the five-character bundle. That character is none other than the Master of Magnetism, Magneto.

It was rumored that Magneto was going to be added to the game after a tester leaked the info a few weeks back, but this is the first actual confirmation we’ve received from the game developers. The character will have more telekinetic and energy-based powers for you to toy with in the game, which should be a nice addition to your roster.

Magneto tops off the five-character bundle (consisting of Carnage, Psylocke, Cable, and Black Panther), which can be picked up on the Xbox Live Arcade later today for 800 Microsoft Points (or roughly $9.99). There is also the opportunity to purchase Juggernaut as a downloadable character for only $1.99, as well. Both packages will be available on the PlayStation Network on November 12.

Check out the full image of Magneto as well as a few action shots after the jump, and be sure to keep it here for more Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 news as it comes to us.