New Clip From This Week's Venture Bros. - 'Return to Malice'

New Clip From This Week’s Venture Bros. – ‘Return to Malice’

43-1-525x295Last week, we brought you an exclusive preview clip of that week’s Venture Bros. episode “Perchance to Dean.” Now, we’re doing the same thing with this week’s episode, entitled “Return to Malice,” which looks to be a bit Monarch-centric.

Though Adult Swim is running the episode out of order (the season premiere was actually the sixth episode in this season), this episode is technically the third. According to Adult Swim, the episode looks like we’ll finally get a sweet Henchman 21 story.

In the aftermath of the death of his best friend, Henchman 21 has rededicated his life to become the most feared and skilled of all of the Monarch’s Henchmen. But tonight, all bets are off as Henchman 21 begins the hunt for the murderer of Henchman 24. Alliances shift, secrets are revealed, and the Venture brothers are kidnapped. Again.

Check out the full clip after the jump, in which The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch discuss the new change in Henchman 21’s demeanor. Be sure to catch “Return to Malice” on Adult Swim Sunday, November 8th, at midnight.