Uncover the Secrets of Suresh's Work On 'Heroes'

Uncover the Secrets of Suresh’s Work On ‘Heroes’

suresh and sonIf you watched Monday’s episode of Heroes, which was a pretty good one, you know that it featured Mohinder Suresh’s (Sendhil Ramamurthy) long-awaited return to the show. But the question still remains: What is Samuel’s plan for him and why is Hiro so annoying now? Well, that first one is a real question anyway. Hiro isn’t that annoying.

While you ponder those question, we’ve got a bunch of clips for you that will potentially help you discover some of the answers about Suresh, Smauel, Hiro and the mysterious past and origins of all your favorite characters. These clips feature Mohinder’s father, Chandra Suresh, at Coyote Sands research camp. He was doing research at the camp, you may remember, during last season’s episode “1961” and what he is doing there may hold the key to mysteries only hinted at until now.

Watch the videos after the jump and see if you can decipher Chandra’s work and discoveries. Heroes is on Tuesday nights at 8/7C on NBC.

March 5th, 1961
Dr. Chandra Suresh’s first discovery of the force.

Entry 5
Partial report from Dr. Chandra Suresh on the Coyote Sands earthshaking phenomenon.

Abnormal Spike
Dr. Chandra Suresh’s partial entry on effects of the force.

Entry 21
Dr. Chandra Suresh chronicles a cataclysmic event while studying his pregnant subject.

Suresh Blackboard Footage
Dr. Chandra Suresh’s calculations.