William Shatner Reads Levi Johnston's Tweets on 'The Tonight Show'

William Shatner Reads Levi Johnston’s Tweets on ‘The Tonight Show’

williamshatnerA few months ago, legendary actor known for playing himself (and a certain starship Captain), William Shatner, made a special appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien to read Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin’s resignation speech. It was pretty epic, and you can relive it over here.

Last night, Shatner returned to the show, this time to read the impossibly intelligent tweets of Levi Johnston, the 19 year old baby daddy to Palin’s granddaughter — a development that may have been one of the reasons why she and McCain lost the Presidential election. His tweets are pretty painful, but given his accidental celebrity status, that makes them all the more funny.

Shatner made sure that everybody knew just how poetic Johnston could be, in a tribute poem. Check out the video after the jump, and long live Shatner!