Latest Trailer for 'Tony Hawk: RIDE'

Latest Trailer for ‘Tony Hawk: RIDE’

Tony-Hawk-Ride-logoTo me, riding a skateboard is up there with other sports like surfing. I’ve tried it but I am in no way ever going to be as good at it as someone like Tony Hawk. He has the tools, the talent and the drive to become one of the greatest skateboarders the world has ever known. He’s also become a pretty huge gaming mogul in his spare time with a whole slew of games bearing his name.

His latest, called Tony Hawk: RIDE, is another in a series of what looks to be hugely successful games bearing the Hawk moniker. In this one, you actually ride the game controller version of a skateboard and try your best to shred like Mr. Hawk. The game also has a story to it as well and in this new trailer, graciously provided by our good friends at Activision, that part is showcased. Well, sorta.

To understand, just click through and watch the trailer for yourself. Its funny and it has a heart. . . in the right place. Tony Hawk: RIDE, from Activision and Robomodo, hits store shelves for XBox 360 and PS3 on November 17th.