New 'Final Fantasy XIV' Classes

New ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Classes

final-fantasy-xiv-online4Buzz has been surrounding Square Enix’s upcoming MMO title, Final Fantasy XIV, ever since the trailer was revealed earlier this year at E3. While the game won’t be out for awhile, details have been slowly leaking, and recently the official website released some details on some new classes and the weapons they’ll wield in Final Fantasy XIV.

The first new class revealed is the gladiator. This class favors close-range combat, using a wide range of blades to hack and slash at their opponent. They also sport shields and throwing knives. Another class, the pugilist, has also been revealed. This class uses its bare fists or hand-to-hand weaponry to take down their adversaries.

Their weapon of choice, himantes, are regulation weapons, soaked in tallow for increased durability. Final Fantasy XIV will be available in Japanese, English, French and German for Windows PC and Playstation 3 sometime in 2010. Check out some of the new classes and weapons after the jump.

FFXIV Gladiator

FFXIV Gladius