Three New Clips From This Week's 'Batman: Brave And The Bold'

Three New Clips From This Week’s ‘Batman: Brave And The Bold’

564a043We’re pretty big fans of the first season of Batman: Brave and the Bold, which is showing on Cartoon Network. The show, being the only one of DC’s animated properties still on the air, has proven itself to be a great blend of both comic lore, and comedic animation for all ages. If nothing else, we were hooked with last week’s musical episode starring Neil Patrick Harris.

This week, we’re treated to another special guest star as Greg Ellis lends his voice as Dr. Fate to help Batman take down the evil Equinox in a planet-wide battle. In the episode, Fate and Batman team up with just about every other hero Batman has ever worked with to take down a plot to pit order versus chaos throughout the whole world.

We’ve got three new clips from Friday’s episode, the first of which has James Remar (The Warriors) stepping in as one of Batman’s more famous of enemies. In the second clip, Dr. Fate and Batman go head-to-head on whether magic or science can be used to solve this problem. And in the final clip, Equinox’s evil scheme is finally revealed as the duo look in on some trouble brewing in Atlantis.

Check out the three clips after the jump. Be sure to catch “Fate of the Equinox” on Cartoon Network Friday, November 13th, at 7:30PM/6:30PM Central.