First Images of Michael Shanks as Hawkman on 'Smallville'

First Images of Michael Shanks as Hawkman on ‘Smallville’

0000039117_20070413120418-1As we reported a few weeks back, the gang on Smallville will be getting another big surprise from the DC Universe, after Metallo and General Zod already made appearances this season. It was announced that members of the Justice Society, Hawkman, Dr. Fate, and Stargirl would be making appearances, with DC superstar Geoff Johns writing the episode.

Later, it was announced that Hawkman will be played by Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson of TV’s Stargate franchise), Brent Stait (Stargate Atlantis) will play Doctor Fate, and Britt Irvin (ABC’s V) will play Stargirl. We’re now getting our first glimpse at the costume for Michael Shanks’ Hawkman, and it’s quite impressive.

From Impulse’s red hoodie to Green Arrow’s green hoodie, Smallville has been quite infamous for taking beloved costumes and “updating” them for their universe. That theory has been put to shame this season with Brian Austin Green’s Metallo make-up and Clark becoming even closer to wearing his blue and red spandex.

Check out the full Hawkman screen cap after the break and catch Smallville on The CW every Friday at 8/7C.