'Hack/Slash' Adaptation Gets a New Screenwriter

‘Hack/Slash’ Adaptation Gets a New Screenwriter

hack-slash-cassieWe may be miles away from getting a solo superheroine movie on the big screen, but at least one graphic heroine is getting close. The popular horror comic Hack / Slash has been in development with Rogue Pictures ever since 2006, and the movie inched a little closer this summer when Relativity hired Fredrik Bond to direct. But even a lass as fetching as Cassandra Hack requires a rewrite or two, and Bloody Disgusting reports that Stephen Susco is the latest to take a crack at adapting her gory chronicles.

If you’re a horror fan that’s unfamiliar with Hack / Slash, you owe it to yourself to become acquainted with the series. It centers Cassandra Hack, a survivor of a serial killer, whose mission in life is to wipe out all manner of monsters and slashers.  She comes in contact with some of horror’s most famous villains, and they come in contact with her baseball bat. It’s win win all around.

Susco is probably best known for penning the American version of The Grudge and its poorly received sequel, The Grudge 2. While it’s easy to cry havoc, doom, and weep for the Hack / Slash movie,  let’s hold off our knee jerk judgments. It’s not fair to hold an ill-advised sequel against any screenwriter, and Hack / Slash could be the movie that Susco knocks out of the park. If he doesn’t, well, Hack’s fervent fans will be scarier than any criticism we could devise.