Mastodon Dropbox Improves Features, Updates iPhone App

Dropbox Improves Features, Updates iPhone App


We’re fans of Dropbox here at The Flickcast and we use it almost every day to share files with our contributors all over the world. Well, okay, all over the US and Canada. Anyway, the service is pretty cool and offers an easy and convenient way for users separated by distance to give each other all kinds of different files types.

Dropbox also has an app for the iPhone, which has been recently updated to a new version. The Dropbox iPhone app is free from the App Store and is 3.0 compatible too. Also in the works is a soon-to-be-released update to the app that includes optional passcode locking, better handling of images and more. So, look for that one soon. The service will also see other enhancements in the coming months including larger storage options, PayPal support and the one I’m really waiting for: selective sync.

In the meantime, check out Dropbox at their new website and see if you don’t think its as useful as we do.

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