Justin Theroux Heads Into 'Space'

Justin Theroux Heads Into ‘Space’

JTM-028362Justin Theroux, the man of a thousand projects, has just added one more flick to his plate.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Theroux is now looking to set a comedy in the stars.  He’s strapped in to pen a little romantic comedy called Space Invader for Fox, and may even oversee its mission control as director.

By now, the men out there (and many of the women) will immediately be recoiling at the idea of a romantic comedy. But this is Theroux, writer of Tropic Thunder, so you know it’s not going to be that kind of movie. Invader follows a man who suspects his astronaut  girlfriend is cheating on him with another astronaut while they’re stationed up top,  so he finds a way to blast off into space and confront her. The deliciously funny and sexy Will Arnett is set to star as the jilted, Earthbound lover.

It sounds silly, but it’s the right kind of silly, the kind of thing Don Knotts would have made in his heydey, only raunchier. With Theroux and Arnett on board, I think it’s one we’ll eagerly countdown to.