Rumored and Unconfirmed Apple Tablet Delayed Until Late 2010

Rumored and Unconfirmed Apple Tablet Delayed Until Late 2010


The Apple Tablet, a device that Apple has neither announced or confirmed, has reportedly been delayed and will go into production later than expected. This means that you can line up for the mythological device sometime in late 2010 now instead of the rumored and unconfirmed early 2010. Don’t you feel better knowing that information?

The release delay, according to DigiTimes, is reportedly being caused by last minute design change, specifically, the use of a 9.7″ OLED LG display. The article also speculates that the delay is a strategic move by Apple due to the current cost of the OLED panels, which run around U.S. $500.00 wholesale. The price of LG’s panels are expected to drop quite a bit in late 2010 as they revamp production with newer facilities and equipment.

Of course, this whole Apple Tablet is still just a rumor, so delays in manufacturing a product that doesn’t actually exist should not be much cause for concern. Although, you might want to tell that to publisher Conde’ Nast, who are reportedly already grearing up to feature their magazine content on the device, starting with their flagship publication Wired. Hey, maybe there is something to this Apple Tablet thing? Guess we’ll find out sometime late in 2010. That is if it isn’t delayed again by a shortage of something like pixie dust.

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