What You Missed: 'Community', '30 Rock', 'The Office' and More

What You Missed: ‘Community’, ’30 Rock’, ‘The Office’ and More

Community-joel-mchale-chevy-chaseAs we’ve started to do here at the site, we again present a bit of a recap of what you missed if you didn’t watch some of the best comedies currently on television this week. These shows, including Community, 30 Rock and The Office, represent what happens when you get highly creative and extremely funny people together to make a television sitcom. In short, they definitely bring the funny.

This week we’ve got clips from Community, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, The Office and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, mostly because his guest is the terrific Katey Sagal from one of our favorite non-comedies Sons of Anarchy — a show you should be watching. So sit back, relax and spend a few minutes enjoying what these show have to offer.

If you’ve never seen any of these episodes, then you’re in for a treat. If you have, then there’s nothing wrong with laughing at them all over again. Besides, laughter is good for you.

Check out all the video after, you guessed it, the jump.


Let Me Rest Gently on Your Pecks
Senor Chang breaks down with Jeff about his wife leaving.

Pepper Water
Abed and Troy prepare for an epic battle but are unexpectedly sidelined.

Parks and Recreation

Hunting Trip – Shoot Me
It’s time for the real gunman to please stand up.

The Office

Shareholder Meeting
Recyclops will have his revenge on Earth Day.

Shareholder Meeting – Clip One
Eating fast food in the limo is the whole thing!

30 Rock

Sun Tea
Kenneth receives expert advice on how to live green.

Behind-The-Scenes with Al Gore
Watch what happens when Al Gore pays the set of 30 Rock a visit.

Livin’ XL with Grizz & Dotcom
Dotcom enlists Grizz and Cerie to star in his first film!

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Katey Sagal: Dillon, Scars, and Tats
Katey Sagal talks to Jimmy about getting fired by Bob Dillon and her fake scar and tattoos on Sons of Anarchy.