Two New Promos for 'Chuck' Season 3

Two New Promos for ‘Chuck’ Season 3

chuck-season-3-1We are all pretty excited that Chuck is coming back to NBC on January 10th, which we told you about recently. Its one of our favorite shows and with some other of our favorites being canceled of late, we’re glad Chuck, at least, is making its way back to the air. Now, to commemorate that return, we’ve got a couple new promos for season 3 to share with you today.

In these, we see that Chuck has gone through some changes and is now trying to be more of a “real” spy than before, especially now that he’s got Intersect 2.0 going around in his head. He’s pumping up the action and getting involved in the missions more than he ever did before. This season, Chuck will definitely not be waiting in the car. Not that he did much of that anyway.

Check out all the new, improved Chuck action after the jump. Also, be sure to tune in for the season 3 premiere of Chuck on January 10, 2010.

No More Mr. Nice Spy
As a full-fledged agent, Chuck’s been spy skills have gotten a major upgrade.

Evil-doers Beware
The new Chuck means no more Mr. Nice Spy.