Clips from This Week's 'Stargate Universe', 'Sanctuary' & 'Ghose Hunters Academy'

Clips from This Week’s ‘Stargate Universe’, ‘Sanctuary’ & ‘Ghose Hunters Academy’

robert-carlyle-sguWe’re fans of many of SyFy’s shows and today, courtesy of the network, we’ve got preview clips for upcoming episodes of some of those favorites. These clips, from Ghost Hunters Academy, Stargate Universe and Sanctuary, should serve to build your anticipation for the complete episode experience.

In these clips we get a taste of the stories from the episodes which include lots of tension, a deadly creature and a murder. Not bad for this week, and its not even sweeps. Be sure to check out the previews after the jump.

Also, be sure to check out each of the new episodes as they air this week on SyFy.

On this Wednesday’s all new episode of Ghost Hunters Academy at 10/9C titled “Drama Queen,” the recruits shuffle off to Buffalo Central Terminal, and tensions mount within the class.

Coming up on Friday’s all new episode of Stargate Universe at 9/8C titled “Justice,” the body of a crew member is discovered, and there can be only one explanation: A murderer on the Destiny.

Following Stargate Universe is an all new episode of Sanctuary at 10/9C titled “Next Tuesday.” Magnus and Will crash-land their helicopter in an abandoned oil well, along with an angry sea creature… and no means of escape.