Spanish 'LOST' Season 6 Promo Shows Hand of God?

Spanish ‘LOST’ Season 6 Promo Shows Hand of God?

lost-lockeThose from the Abrams/Lindelof camp have made public announcements that they won’t air any new footage from the upcoming sixth season of LOST, set to air in February on ABC. That hasn’t stopped some of ABC’s international affiliates from promoting the show, such as the Spanish TV network CUATRO.

The promo has mostly old footage, spruced up to look like everything is taking place on a chess board. There are some pretty cool things done with clips from the season 5 finale, but there is one new piece of footage that has everyone’s heads turning. Towards the end of the clip, a mysterious hand places the Pharaoh statue on the board.

With the recent parallels to faith and god, could this reference the hand of god placing the Pharaoh statue on the island? What could this mean for the rest of the survivors? And what’s going on with Locke?

Check out the promo, Radiohead track and all, after the jump. Expect one of the burning questions to be answered when the show makes it’s return on February 2nd, only on ABC.