Exclusive: Donald Faison and Dave Franco Talk Season 9 of ‘Scrubs’

scrubs-logoLast night marked the first two episodes of the 9th season of Scrubs. The medical sitcom’s long life has helped it through a change in networks, and most recently a change in stories. This season, the series is taking a different direction by focusing on the lives of a new class of “scrubs”, while the original cast stays on as teachers at the medical school.

We got the chance to talk with stars Donald Faison (Turk) and Dave Franco (Cole) about this season. The two actors discussed the differences in this season to all others, how that has affected working on the show, and where Dave fits into all this.

The two also got a chance to discuss the new season 8 DVD, which is available now. Donald talks about some of the great features of the DVD, including collected webisodes, bloopers, and deleted scenes.

Check out our interview with the two after the jump, and be sure to catch Scrubs on ABC every Tuesday at 9PM/8PM Central.

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