A Green Christmas for Roland Emmerich

A Green Christmas for Roland Emmerich

Roland EmmerichIt’s going to be a very green (as in $) for Roland Emmerich. For a long time Michael Bay seemed to be the go-to mega director in Hollywood. Well, it seems Emmerich, director of the recent disaster movie 2012, is set to change all that. At least in the sense of enormous paydays that is.

2012, which has gone onto make nearly $700 million worldwide (much of that coming from international audiences) since its November release is reported to pay out $100 million to Emmerich alone:

“According to several executives who saw the deal as it was being shopped and signed last year, Emmerich got a traditional $20 million advance against 20 percent of the first-dollar gross profits.

Based on where the box office stands today and the first-dollar gross deal, Emmerich will take home $100 million, all the executives agreed.”

While the dollar figure seems enormous it should be noted that Emmerich is well known for micro-producing his own projects. By the time he brings something to a studio everything is set to go (e.g. budget, storyboards, etc.). Add to this the fact he owned the script, produced and directed 2012 and it becomes pretty clear the man deserved his share, regardless of how grossly inflated it may seem.

Regardless, way to go Emmerich!  I’m sure you’ll put some of that money toward the ID4 sequels you talked about.  Fingers crossed.