Six Minute 'Chuck' Season Three 'Super Preview'

Six Minute ‘Chuck’ Season Three ‘Super Preview’

chuck_s3Chuck is just one of those shows I liked pretty much as soon as I started watching it. The awesome combo of action, comedy, geekery and beautiful women who also kick ass turns into a fun series that delivers episode after episode. Of course, I’m thrilled the show has found a new lease on life and will be back on the air for a third season and will be getting even more episodes than originally thought. That’s all good news.

Plus, its great to see how the producers have evolved the show and the main characters into different people over the last couple seasons. Now, with Chuck about to start on season three, we’ve been bringing you some info about the new season and more about how the situations and characters have changed and, in some ways, stayed the same.

This time, we’ve got a six minute “super preview’ for the show, courtesy of our friends at NBC, complete with cast interviews and other behind-the-scenes action. You don’t want to miss this so be sure and click through to watch the video.

Chuck returns for a two hour season premiere on January 10.

Go behind the scenes and deep inside Season 3 with this special preview featuring interviews with Zach Levi, Yvonne Strahovsky, and the cast of Chuck.