Mickey Rourke Looks Angry in New 'Iron Man 2' Poster

Mickey Rourke Looks Angry in New ‘Iron Man 2’ Poster


It looks like Paramount has been stepping up their marketing over the past few weeks in preparation for next May’s release of Iron Man 2. Just last week, we received two new teaser posters, showing off both Tony Stark and War Machine, and now a brand new poster has surfaced showing off the film’s baddie, Whiplash.

The character is played by Oscar-snubbed actor Mickey Rourke, and is basically a mash-up of a few different Iron Man villains. He’s got Crimson Dynamo’s background with the appearance and name of Backlash. The character is said to fight alongside Tony Stark’s villain in the film, Justin Hammer (played by Sam Rockwell).

Check out the full-sized poster after the jump, featuring a quite intimidating Rourke posing with his glowing makeshift Iron Man power source and light-whips. Be sure to keep it here for all new Iron Man 2 coverage as it comes to us.