More Details On Josh Brolin Joining 'Men In Black 3'

More Details On Josh Brolin Joining ‘Men In Black 3’

josh-brolinAccording to the L.A. Times, in Men in Black 3 Josh Brolin’s role has been more clearly defined as a young K (Tommy Lee Jones in the previous two films), who J (Will Smith) will somehow travel back in time to meet. Yeah, that’s pretty much all the news there is to report at the moment, other than the script is being worked on by Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder and Idiocracy), pretty much everyone else rumored to return, Barry Sonnenfeld possibly directing, Jones and Smith, in their respective roles, and hopefully Tony Shalhoub.

I can always stand to see his character get his head blown off a couple more times. As the article also mentions, another hurdle the movie faces – other than the whole time-traveling bit – is scheduling.

We know that Jonah Hex has had some reshoots, Brolin’s scheduled for a number of other movies (including The Coen Bros. remake of True Grit), so what that does for the scheduled shooting of MIB3 sometime in 2010 is anyone’s guess. However, it is Josh Brolin, and whether it’s this or the number of other movies he has coming out, the consensus is that we’re all just excited to see him in more genre fare.