Tobey Maguire Is Going To Be On 'Jeopardy'

Tobey Maguire Is Going To Be On ‘Jeopardy’

tobey-maguireOr, more precisely, he’ll be making a movie about a man on the long-running game show. The story, written by William Wheeler (who also penned The Hoax), is based on a true story called “Prisoners of Trebek.” The plot is supposedly about Maguire’s character who spends time trying to master Jeopardy, falls in love, and experiences some “Charlie Kaufman-esque elements.”

Maguire’s production company, Maguire Entertainment, is producing along with Mark Gordon (who has produced films such as 2012 and Saving Private Ryan). The production is still looking for a director, and with the schedule Maguire currently has — soon to be shooting Spider-Man 4, The Details and Gary Ross’ The Crusaders — it might be some time before he can fit this film in so they probably have time to find a director.

One comment I read recently about this film mentioned something I thought would be hilarious casting: Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek. Probably not very likely, unless that’s part of the “Kaufman-esque” elements they’re talking about, but very funny nonetheless.