First Poster For 'Knight and Day'

First Poster For ‘Knight and Day’

knight-dayInstead of getting a trailer for Piranha 3D, as reported to be attached with this week’s release of Avatar, most people got the trailer for Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise’s upcoming action-thriller, Knight and Day. Directed by James Mangold (Walk the Line, Cop Land) and written by Patrick O’Neill, in his first produced, feature screenplay, the film is centered around Diaz and Cruise’s characters being chased around the world where “no one and nothing is what it seems – even themselves.”

The trailer was pretty funny, and looked like the 20th Century Fox film is going to feature some fantastic action including Tom Cruise crash-landing a plane to jumping from a motorcycle onto the hood of Diaz’s car. The film also features Peter Sarsgaard (Orphan and An Education), Maggie Grace (LOST, Taken), Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood) and Viola Davis (Law Abiding Citizen and Doubt). Unfortunately, here isn’t much more to go on until the trailer gets released online.

However, Slashfilm recently got a photo of the poster – which I hadn’t seen, and actually don’t even remember hearing anything about this movie before now – so now I’m sharing it with you. It’s all text and stylized people (assuming it’s the lead characters), but is interesting – and better than the soon to come, I’m sure, photoshopped heads version.

Check out the full-size image below. Knight And Day is scheduled for release in July, 2010.