'The Daily Show', 'Colbert Report' To Go HD In January

‘The Daily Show’, ‘Colbert Report’ To Go HD In January

stephen-colbert-jon-stewartIn news that should have happened months ago, it seems that Comedy Central’s nightly, satiric look at current events is finally getting upgraded to HD starting on January 4. Not only will these be the first episodes shot in HD, but they will be the first episodes of the year, and the century.

No word on how this upgrade will effect the format of the show, if at all, but we do know that both shows will continue to keep us laughing into the new year.

Most recently, both shows have been nominated for a WGA TV award, which will put them head-to-head (and we know what happened last time).

With both shows doing well in ratings, getting nominated for awards, and getting the boost to HD, it’s no doubt that variety, or more specifically “comedy”, programming is still at it’s peak.

If you doubt that, you could always see Colbert rap with Alicia Keys in a spoof on “Empire State of MInd.”