Everything You Need To Know Before The 'LOST' Final Season

Everything You Need To Know Before The ‘LOST’ Final Season

lost-final-season-posterWith ABC’s Lost returing to the air next month for it final season, we thought it would be great if someone were to put together a video highlighting all the things you should know before the new season begins. With a show as complex as Lost, audiences who’ve been watching the show from the beginning can sometimes get confused, so we can imagine how new viewers might feel.

Fortunately, lostpediablog over at YouTube has obviously read our minds and done exactly what was necessary: put together a video giving you everything you need to know about Lost, all in 8 minutes and 15 seconds. The video is well done, funny, and actually gives you quite a bit of information, which is good. If you’ve never seen Lost or even if you’ve been with it from the beginning, watching this can only help enhance your understanding of this great show.

Check out the video after the jump. The final season of Lost premieres on Tuesday, February 2 at 9PM — and now you’ll be ready. You’re welcome.