Fans Petition For 'LOST' Island At Disney Land

Fans Petition For ‘LOST’ Island At Disney Land

polar-bear-knut-child-001Say what you will about fans of ABC’s LOST, but they are certainly imaginative. From a Lost-inspired painting of the “Last Supper”, to an entire art show dedicated to it, the fans are always looking for some way to incorporate Abrams, Lindelof and Cuse’s mysterious island into their daily lives.

Now it looks like fans want to experience the island for themselves…as a ride. What started off as a joke from California blogger and Lost fanatic Jon Stueve, who originally threw the idea of a Lost ride into the ether, fans are now hungry for the idea. The Examiner reports:

“In a random tweeted conversation between Stueve and someone he follows, photos of Disneyland led to the statement, ‘Let me know when they’ve made Tom Sawyer Island into Dharma Island.’ Having it out there, Stueve thought the idea was 1) humorous, and 2) had potential, so he made another public tweet. He was flabbergasted when Doc Jensen tweeted back, ‘I TOTALLY SECOND LOST_WFTB’s CALL FOR TURNING TOM SAWYER ISLAND AT DISNEYLAND INTO #LOST ISLAND! GET ON THAT, DISNEY!'”

From there, the petition was created. In which, fans requested several elements of the show to be included, such as The Frozen Donkey Wheel, The Swan Station and Hatch Ride, Ruins, Jacob’s Cabin, and of course, The Smoke Monster.

Fans can sign up for the petition online, which may or may not actually get these demands, but still worth a fun thought. If Disney can turn the Robinson Island into Tarzan Island, why not give us a ride fraught with free-roaming polar bears?