Damon Lindelof Says You Will Hate How 'Lost' Ends

Damon Lindelof Says You Will Hate How ‘Lost’ Ends

DamonLindelofWith the final season of LOST beginning to air in just over two weeks, fans are already salivating over more unanswered questions, mysteries, and unexpected deaths. This season is expected to ramp up those same themes with much more before the island – and it’s inhabitants – disappear forever.

Exec. Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were recently bombarded with questions from the press about what will happen in the coming season. They were tight-lipped, as usual, but they did spill the beans on some facts, such as the fact that Libby (Cynthia Watros) and Michael (Harold Perrineau) will be back. Lindelof also said that this season may be the most frustrating. From the Hollywood Reporter:

“Get ready to scratch your heads, America!” Lindelof said about the premiere. The sentiment was echoed by several cast members. “I think I had to read it three times before it made sense,” Emilie de Ravin said. As for the May finale, “there is certainly a hope that everybody universally loves the ending, but I don’t think it would be ‘Lost’ if there wasn’t an ongoing and active debate,” Lindelof said.

“If I could put on my predicting hat, there’s going to be some that think it’s the worst ending in the history of TV, and on the other end, to balance that out, would be my mom.”

Given that most fans of TV are used to cop-out or confusing endings over the past few years (I’m looking at you Sopranos and Battlestar Galactica), but if one of the executive producers of the show is claiming that we’ll more than likely hate the ending, then we should be prepared for the mother of all unanswered questions come May.

Lost returns to ABC on Tuesday, February 2nd.