What You Missed: 'Chuck' and 'Heroes'

What You Missed: ‘Chuck’ and ‘Heroes’

sylar-jailIt should come as no surprise that we love Chuck here at The Flickcast. We cover it quite extensively and bring you as much info about the show as we can. We are also still hanging in there for Heroes, even though the show sorta seems to be heading down the wrong path. Although, Greg Grunberg assures us that the show is not being canceled, so its got that going for it.

This week Chuck settled into its Monday slot and Heroes was all new as well. If you missed the episodes, we’ve got some video for you to help you keep up with what’s going on with your favorite reluctant spy and your used to be favorite people with special abilities.

If you saw the episodes already, well, just watch these recaps and previews for next week anyway. We would appreciate it and I’m sure NBC would as well — especially if it gets you excited to watch Chuck and Heroes next week. Check out all the video goodness after the jump. You can also watch full episodes at NBC’s website.


Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte
Awesome works with Sarah and Chuck to save Casey from an assassin.

Awesome Danger
Angie Harmon guest stars when Captain Awesome finds himself in the crosshairs. New Chuck, Monday 8/7c.


Nap Time for Sancho
Hiro and Ando break into the mental hospital to rescue Mohinder.

Two Minute Replay: Close to You
Despite a deadly dream, Peter, Hiro, and H.R.G. all resolve to uncover and undermine Samuel’s plan.

Pass Fail Preview
Hiro’s virtue is put on trial; Sylar seeks help from Claire.