What You Missed: 'Mercy' and 'Law and Order: SVU'

What You Missed: ‘Mercy’ and ‘Law and Order: SVU’

svuThis week, both Mercy and Law and Order: SVU featured some pretty awesome guest stars including Michael Imperioli’s appearance on Mercy and Lost’s Naveen Andrews and Studio 60′s Sarah Paulson on Law and Order: SVU. Courtesy of your friends at NBC, we’ve got clips from both shows to help you figure out what you missed or if you saw the episodes, help you relive the magic.

In the videos, you’ll learn more about Imperioli’s appearance on Mercy with a preview clip and an interview with the actor. For Law & Order: SVU, we’ve got clips of both Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson at work showing scenes from the episode. As we like all of these actors, and you should also, there’s no reason not watch both of these shows for all the action, drams and suspense.

You can watch the clips and recaps after the break or head on over to NBC’s website and enjoy full episodes of both of these shows.


Next On: Make a Play
The Sopranos’ Michael Imperioli guest stars.

Guest Star Michael Imperioli
Michael discusses his character and the dilemma he faces.

Highlight: We’re All Adults
Nick tries to help Sonia get more comfortable with his gun.


Preview: On Your Knees
Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson guest star on an all-new SVU

Preview: Watch Guest Stars Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson
Take a peek from the upcoming episode “Shadow” with guest stars Naveen Andrews and Sarah Paulson.

Two Minute Replay: “Shadow”
Watch a quick recap as the detectives investigate a daughter’s motive in her parent’s brutal murder.