'Just Cause 2' Trailer Lets You Have It Your Way

‘Just Cause 2’ Trailer Lets You Have It Your Way


Game trailers can be pretty cool, or pretty lame. While some show off the fantastic visuals and impressive character design, others can just be flashy advertisements for a game that’s not quite ready to be shown to the world.

The trailer for Just Cause 2, an upcoming action-adventure from Eidos, in a league of it’s own.¬†Brought to our attention by Kotaku, this trailer gives players a taste of just how interactive the game play experience is in Just Cause 2. At specific times during the “multi-path” trailer, the viewer given several options to click what they’d like to do next.

This then brings them to a new YouTube window, where a new piece of the trailer plays and more options are given. It’s a really cool way to showcase the different ways you can complete a mission, and will definitely get gamers excited for this upcoming title.

Just Cause 2 hits the United States on March 23rd for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. You can check out the trailer after the jump.