The Golden Globes Live!

The Golden Globes Live!

Golden Globes logoWelcome to our very first live-blogging event on The Flickcast. If you are not familiar with live-blogging, basically it is a running commentary that you will be able to see in real-time.  Staff writers Elisabeth Rappe, Cortney Zamm,  John Muth, and myself (Shannon Hood) will be your commentators this evening.  In order to see the latest comments, scroll down throughout the evening, and refresh your browser often.

If you have any comments to make during the ceremony, feel free to use our comments section at the end of the post.  Now, let’s talk Golden Globes!

So our first arrival that we will comment on is….Fergie.

Shannon 6:05  It looks like Fergie is pregnant or had some work done

John 6:06 I guess it’s kind of inconsiderate to be like, “so Fergie, you going to have a little Gremlin soon?”

John 6:09 January Jones didn’t look that great…Whoa, but Marion Cottiard…

Shannon 6:09 She looks gorgeous. Very stunning.

John 6:10  NO!!! Ask about Inception!!! Dammit!

Cortney 6:10 Cannot wait for that movie. I have no idea what it’s about, but I’m excited.

John 6:13 This Billy Bush guy seems like a real dick. I want to stab him.

John 6:14 *Squee* Stanley Tucci!! I’m team Stanley.

John 6:15 The cast of A Single Man is the only film whose Director will also be making their clothes…

Cortney  6:22 Oh god it’s weird hearing Gerard Butler’s real accent.

John 6:22 is that different from the accent he usually uses in his movies?

Cortney 6:23 Oh yeah. He’s very Americanized in stuff like “The Ugly Truth” and other romcoms.

John 6:23 Nick Fury and Tony Stark!!

John 6:25 “Oh sir Paul, what a large umbrella you have.”


John 6:27 Tomorrow’s headlines: JOHN LITHGOW and Sigourney Weaver a couple!

Cortney 6:28 Or John Lithgow’s gonna try to kill Michael C. Hall in the middle of the ceremony.

Mariah Carey is on screen with some *ahem* prominent assets right now

John 6:30 holy cleavage!!!

Cortney 6:31 Sometimes I wonder how this couple happened. “Maria, this is Nick Cannon, you might remember him from Nickelodeon’s All That”

John 6:32 Despite it looking like she’s had a little bit of work done, Bullock still looks pretty great.

Cortney 6:33  WHAT there’s an official Golden Globes Snuggie?! Can we buy this?!

John 6:34  sigh, Golden Globe Snuggies.

John 6:34  hey look the former Spider-Man!!

Cortney 6:35 How does that feel? Being replaced after 3 pretty financially successful movies.

Cortney 6:40 Oh it’s Michelle Obama’s birthday. Happy birthday Mrs. President!

John 6:40  Oh snap!! Julia Roberts Zinging NBC!!

Cortney 6:40 Leave Julia Roberts alone. she didn’t wanna be in The Blind Side. Whatever.

John 6:44  OMG 15 minutes!! then we don’t have to hear about rain anymore.!!

John 6:47 Oh, The Modern Family Latina lady… (drool)

Shannon 6:47 She’s purty


Really love Chuck

I totally agree with the critics- I’m tired of Chuck and whats her face being SO back and forth


John 6:54 The hilarious thing about True Blood is that all the guys on that show are British, or Australian. (along with Paquin)

John 6:54 “It’s not raining, that’s God crying for NBC.”

And now for the actual ceremony….

John 7:02 haha. Great start. Carell miming “I will break you” was awesome.

Shannon 7:03 I love self deprecating humor. 

Cortney 7:06  Best Supporting Actress: Everyone from 9. And some other people.

Mo’niqe wins Best Supporting Actress for Precious

Best Actress in a Television Series, comedy or musical Toni Collette for United States of Tara

Elisabeth 7:10 Wow, Matthew Fox is wearing a LOT of make-up

Elisabeth 7:18  Wow, William Hurt’s beard is awesome and epic

Chris 7:18 William Hurt’s beard ftw!

Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a series, mini-series, or motion picture for television- John Lithgow for Dexter

John 7:18 btw, I called Lithgow, before they said his name.

Cortney 7:19 I will forever be creeped out by him now. I thought it’d be Piven. People love him

John 7:20 Hurt’s beard was awesome….

Elisabeth 7:21 Yellow Submarine, now being brought to you by Disney!

Chris 7:22 Paul McCartney “That guy from Rockband”

Elisabeth 7:23  PLUG PLUG PLUG Zemeckis COUGH

Cortney:  This is gonna be UP, no question.

John 7:23 I don’t know Fox, might get it.

Elisabeth 7:24 HOW can I choose between PRINCESS and UP?! It hurts!

Up won best animated feature

Chris 7:26 Wolfman commercial looks pretty good.

Elisabeth 7:26 Man, I want Wolfman to be good…

Shannon 7:29 re:  Kate Hudson She is so stinkin cute. And I am one of the only reviewers (besides Matt Raub from Flickcast) who liked NIne

Elisabeth 7:30 My mom says Kate Hudson looks like she’s wearing a wedding cake

John 7:31  Yikes!! Huffman looks…well, let’s just say she hasn’t stopped playing her role from Transamerica…

Michael C. Hall just won Best Actor in a Television Series, Drama for Dexter

John 7:35  I totally don’t want to see Dexter kiss his sister *in that way*…

Cortney: John Lithgow crying! Be aware ladies and gentlemen: the Trinity Killer has feelings!

Best Actress in a Television Series, Drama goes to Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife

John 7:37 Schwarzenegger sighting!! I think he’s at the Cameron table (probably trying to get some of that Money for California.)

Best Song goes to “The Weary Heart”, from Crazy Heart

Best Score-Up

RE: best original score Chris 7:49 Michael Gianchino takes it

Cortney 7:49 He does GREAT scores. LOST is my favorite of his stuff I think.

John 7:55 Amy Adams, I love you. Just wanted to say that.

John 7:55 Best Mini-series, /tv movie. Grey Gardens?

Cortney 7:55 The real documentary is pretty weird

Chris 7:56 They need to move the globes to a bigger room next year. 

Chris 7:59  Did Tom Hanks just make a dick joke?

Best mini-series or motion picture made for television Grey Gardens

Shannon 7:59 Damn, Meryl looks great tonight. So classy. That is how I want to age.

Best actress, musical or comedy Meryl Streep, Julie and Julia

Chris 8:03  T-Bone Streep. Awesome.

Shannon 8:03  Classy, humble, beautiful.  Love her.

Cortney 8:05 For some reason I still have Titanic James Cameron in my head and when I see him now I’m always like OH GOD WHO IS THAT

Shannon 8:05 what is up with Cameron’s hair? He looks like he has a wig on?

John 8:10 Is there a more attractive, older woman than Helen Mirren??

Best actor in a television series or made for television movie goes to Kevin Bacon for Taking Chance

John 8:25 This next category is a bit of a downer. It’s about writing.” Awesome, Gervais.

Best actress in a televisioin series or made for television movie is Drew Barrymore for Grey Gardens

Best Screenplay is Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner, Up in the Air

John 8:26 Everyone is like, who’s Jason Reitman, and and who is this other guy? Ivan Reitman is married to Bride of Frankenstein?? 😛

Best actor in a television series, comedy or musical  Alec Baldwin,

Best Foreign Language Film, The White Ribbon

Best Television Series  Mad Men

Cortney 8:40 All those other shows are AWESOME though.

John 8:40 totally…well, not True Blood. I like that show, but I wouldn’t call it awesome.

Cortney: Oh I love True Blood. Dynamic characters, and a vampire story that isn’t all about lust and hormones.

Cortney 8:47 Joseph Gordon Levitt is maybe the love of my life.

John: Jane Lynch is the love of my life.

Chloe Sevigny just won for best supporting actress in a series, mini-series, or made for television series for Big Love

John: Who is doing the column on the best cleavage of the night?Holy Halle Berry!!

Best supporting actor, Film Christopher Waltz, Inglourious Basterds

Cortney 8:50 THANK GOD HE WON. Chris for Inglorious Basterds!

John: way to play blue, De Niro.

Leonardio DiCaprio is presenting Martin Scorsese with a special award

Cortney 9:00 Oh Leo. My first celebrity crush.

John 9:02 Did Scorsese create his own montage?! I sure do hope Scrosese wins after all this effort…

Shannon 9:05  I love Marty’s glasses

John 9:13 Heh, they said The Beaver. Foster’s smokey voice finally has the older woman’s body to go with it. She looks great.

Shannon 9:15 Holy crap that little joke Ricky Gervais just made about Mel Gibson…LMAO

Best Director goes to James Cameron for Avatar

Cortney 9:17 Someone needs to tell him to cut his hair before the Oscars. Seriously.

John: aww. Ex-spouse shout-out.


Best television series, comedy or musical, goes to Glee !

Shannon:  For anybody who ever got a wedgie in High School

Shannon:  Oh the Hangover boys.  Don’t know how I feel about the enthusiastic clapping for Mike Tyson.

Best Picture, Musical or Comedy–> The Hangover

Cortney:  This movie made me pee my pants.

Shannon:  Hopefully just a little

Best Actress, drama  goes to Sandra Bullock

Cortney: Mickey Rourke: I look like a cowboy. Come get your award.

Best Actor, Comedy or Musical  is Robert Downey Jr. for Sherlock Holmes

shannon 9:40  How was this a comedy or musical?  He is funny, but the movie is not a comedy.

Best Actor Drama–> Jeff Bridges

Shannon:  Well done, sir and you are still are one hawt man.

Shannon:  I am hyperventilating a bit.  May need smelling salts.

Cortney:  “Colin Farrell- I SEE YOU MAN”

I like that Jeff Bridges ACTUALLY talks like The Dude in real life.

Best Movie–>  Avatar

Shannon: And…I just threw up a little.

Well, that about wraps it up.  Check out our wrap-up tomorrow morning.  Good night, and thanks for reading.