Summit Entertainment Bringing 'Push' To TV

Summit Entertainment Bringing ‘Push’ To TV

push_poster2_lgSuperheroes had quite a year in 2009. From Watchmen finally getting it’s film adaptation, to lesser known superhero flicks getting made, the world of Superhero films certainly grew. With that came a spec script from David Bourla about a select group of people with mental abilities in the film Push, starring Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning.

The film did marginally well in theaters, and Summit Entertainment is now planning to expand on the property by bringing it to your TV’s. The studio is teaming up with another indie company in E1 Entertainment to bring a global series into homes. They even have David Hayter, who adapted Watchmen and X-Men for film, writing the pilot script.

They currently don’t have a deal with any particular network, as they are currently meeting with many. No word on if any of the film’s cast, such as Evans or Fanning, will return in the weekly series. From The Hollywood Reporter:

“The concept behind the ‘Push’ feature film offers a broad and rich canvas on which to extend the story line and characters introduced in the feature film,” said Summit co-chairmen Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger in a statement. “The project is also the perfect vehicle to initiate Summit’s plans of producing programming for the global TV marketplace.”

This furthers Summit’s plans on developing more televised property, with their overwhelming (and ongoing) success of the Twilight series, and the potential Oscar buzz of Hurt Locker, you can expect to see the budding studio bring more of their silver screen properties to your televisions.