Adult Swim Orders Two More Seasons Of 'Robot Chicken'

Adult Swim Orders Two More Seasons Of ‘Robot Chicken’

51XWAxJT8fL-783188While Adult Swim may just be a subdivision of Cartoon Network, a cable network that bases itself on mainly animated programming, they seem to be doing quite well for themselves. They’ve been able to stack the deck with highly watched syndicated shows, and outrageously funny original programming. One original show in particular is doing better than even the show creators were expecting is Robot Chicken.

The show, which is a 15-minute comedy done entirely with stop-motion animation and old MEGO dolls, was created back in 2005 by Seth Green and partner Matt Senreich. Since then, the show has grown in leaps and bounds, popularity-wise.The network has just ordered a whopping 40 new episodes (roughly two new seasons) of the show, and according to Variety, the creators are more surprised than we are.

“It’s kind of amazing,” Green said. “We never expected to do a second season, let alone a fifth and sixth. We’re really busy, but we’re still having a lot of fun making it.”

Green, who may be the second busiest guy in TV animation after Seth McFarlane, also lends his voice to the still popular Family Guy on FOX, while also voicing a character (and writing) on Chicken’s sister show, Titan Maximum, on Adult Swim.

Chicken has produced two separate Star Wars specials on DVD, which have helped gain their current success, as well as four popular seasons, on both DVD and online. Expect to see more of stop-motion goodness from the team later this fall.