Apple Updates Bootcamp With Windows 7 Support

macbook-windows-7This week, those of you who love the Mac but need to use Windows 7 for some reason, just got a little more help from Apple as the company has updated Bootcamp to support Windows 7. The Boot Camp 3.1 update consists of a single .exe file download that you need to run in Windows 7 once it’s installed. Or you can just run Apple Software Update if you’re already using Windows 7 on your Mac.

The update provides the necessary Windows 7 drivers for various pieces of Mac hardware including the Mighty Mouse. Boot Camp version 3.1 supports the 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows 7 and Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate are supported as part of the update as well.

With the upgrade in software and support for new drivers and utilities, if you need Windows 7 to run certain software, processes, or perhaps you prefer to use Windows for things like coding and development, now you can. Although, not sure why you would want to if you have a Mac. But hey, we don’t judge here.

Apple has also published a support document that details a number of installation problems for Windows 7, plus a tool to assist with upgrades from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

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