Ryan Reynolds Gets 'Buried' In New Teaser Trailer

Ryan Reynolds Gets ‘Buried’ In New Teaser Trailer

Picture 1Ryan Reynolds is a pretty busy guy. Not only is casting news and general buzz generating for his titular role in DC’s upcoming Green Lantern, but the writers have already been hired for the Deadpool script, which will begin shooting when he’s done donning his emerald ring.

Somewhere in there, he’s had the time to shoot Rodrigo Cortés’ thriller about a U.S. contractor who’s kidnapped by a group of Iraqis and buried alive. The film has already gotten plenty of buzz from Sundance, but may have the same misfortune that The Hurt Locker got at the Golden Globes.

The very first teaser trailer for the film has been released, which almost takes a turn in a viral direction. In the film, Reynolds is stuck underground, in his own would-be tomb, with only a lighter and a cell phone. One can’t imagine that this film cost Transformers money.

Check out the teaser trailer after the jump, and expect to hear more about a U.S. release date as studios bid for distribution rights.