Guillermo Diaz Talks Playing A Good Guy On NBC's 'Mercy'

Guillermo Diaz Talks Playing A Good Guy On NBC’s ‘Mercy’

mercy8Last week, we got the fortunate opportunity to visit the set of NBC’s newest medical drama, Mercy. There, we got an official Q & A with the cast of the show, including stars Taylor Schilling, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jaime Lee Kirchner, James Tupper, Diego Klattenhoff, James Legros, Guillermo Diaz, and newly added cast member James Van Der Beek.

One of the stars we got to speak with in particular, Guillermo Diaz, stuck us as interesting. Diaz is best known for playing the bad guy in many roles, from Weeds to The Shield, to guest starring as the drug dealer in plenty of Law & Order or The Closer episodes.

Guillermo is now stepping out of his “bad guy” suit and into the role of the charitable male nurse, Angel. When we asked Diaz about his role change, he was even a bit surprised to be playing the good guy for once.

I don’t get to play good guys that often. It’s weird because I feel so much more comfortable playing the bad guy because it’s so “not me”, so it becomes easier to get lost in the role and not become critical of myself. I feel like I’m a lot more like Angel, so I’m more aware of the role as I’m doing it.

I’m having a great time doing it, but it’s definitely more of a challenge. It’s exciting, mostly to see people shocked seeing me in this role, as opposed to a murdering weed dealer who’s trying to bed Mary Louise-Parker. [laughs]

We’ll be sure to have more from our exclusive press Q&A with the cast of NBC’s Mercy in the coming days, so stay tuned!