Four New Clips From Tonight's '24'

Four New Clips From Tonight’s ’24’

24-ep804_Sc407_0048_fLast week, Fox aired a special 2-night, four hour premiere of the eighth season of 24 to record ratings, and a groundbreaking plot that will keep us enthralled for most of this season. Now it seems things are heating up even more for for Jack Bauer and the CTU team.

Tonight will be hours 8PM to 9PM, which is already the fifth episode of the season. Now that Jack and CTU are based in New York City, things are already getting intense for the East coast. From Fox:

Four explosive hours after being unwillingly drawn back into action, Jack Bauer reteams with a risky Renee Walker to track some very dangerous leads. Meanwhile, back at CTU, a desperate Dana Walsh faces tense and untimely circumstances, and emotions escalate when President Taylor learns of a larger looming threat that jeopardizes the peace accord with President Hassan.

Check out four brand new clips from tonight’s episode, and be sure to catch the episode “8:00pm-9:00pm” of 24, tonight on Fox.