Apple Reports Record Profits And Revenue For Q1 2010

Apple Reports Record Profits And Revenue For Q1 2010

iphone-3gs-spread13Yesterday, Apple reported its financial results for Q1 2010, which ended December 26, 2009, and said results were, to say the least, impressive. The company had its all time highest quarterly revenue and its all time highest quarterly profit.

Here are the important numbers:

• Revenue of $15.68 Billion

• 58% of revenue derived from international sales

• Net quarterly profit of $3.38 Billion or $3.67 per diluted share

• Gross margin of 40.9 %

• $5.8 Billion generated in cash

Sales of Macintosh computers and iPhones blew up with Apple selling 3.36 Million computers and 8.7 Million iPhones, representing a 33% increase for Macintosh sales and 100% growth for the iPhone when compared to Q1 2009.

The only somewhat disappointing news was the iPod which sold 21 Million units in Q1 2010, down 8%. Even with the iPod news, these numbers are still pretty great and Apple seems to be doing quite well for a company that many predicted in the not-so-distant-past would be out of business by now.

In addition to these numbers, Apple CEO Steve Jobs also made another comment. He said: “The new products we are planning to release this year are very strong, starting this week with a major new product that we’re really excited about.”

Mmm, wonder what that might be? Whatever it is, we’ll find out on Wednesday.